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Terri anne Grey- 2nd physique open class 3, 1st figure international

Lara Allen 3rd  Novice physique short

INBA Queensland Titles Sept 2013

Terri anne Grey- 4th  physique open class 3, 2nd figure international, 5th Physique masters 40+
Sarah Slwika - 3rd  physique open class 3, 3rd figure international

Katherine Furlan- 4th Physique Masters

Photo by fotoflair

MAY 2013

INBA Brisbane Titles May 2013
Lara Allen- 1st Novice physique short, 4th figure international

INBA All Female Cassic June 2013
Anna Bielen 1st Fitness intermediate, 5th Fitness 30 + 


 The Sculpt-her Team Backstage at the INBA Brisbane Titles 2011....
Competitors-Liz Cubis, Sarah Woodforth, Renee Lee, Michaela Muller, Annette Newland-Nell, Cassie Denham
Backstage Helpers- Suzie Calcino, Odette Lydford (Coach), Kylie Tredrea, Jennie Pass

The Sculpt-her Team Backstage at the INBA QLD Titles 2011....
Competitors-Liz Cubis, Assunta Christie, Jade Perrin, Kylie Tredrea, Fiona Kelly, Jennie Pass , Tina Hine, Annette Newland-Nell
Backstage Helpers- Michaela Muller, Odette Lydford (Coach), Suzie Calcino

INBA Natural Universe International titles,Brisbane, October 2011
Fiona Kelly - 1st figure international 50 +, 2nd figure masters 50 +
Lisa Cutter- 2nd Ms physique
Terri Anne Grey -1st figure international 40+, 1st Ms Figure international overall, 2nd figure open class 3
Sarah Woodforth -1st couples, 3rd figure open class 3
Suzie Calcino 3rd figure couples, 2nd figure international 40+, 5th figure masters tall
Annette Newland Nell 3rd Figure novice tall

INBA Australian Titles , MELBOURNE,October 2011
Lisa Cutter, 2nd Physique
Sizie Calcino, 1st Figure international tall, 1st Figure international overall ,2nd figure open class 3
Terri Anne Grey, 1st figure intermediate, 2nd Figure international tall
Kylie Tredrea, Figure open class 2Michaela Muller, Figure open class 3
Sarah Woodforth, Figure open class 3
Susie Calcino-  1st Figure international tall, 1st Figure international overall ,2nd figure open class 3, and Terri Anne Grey -1st figure intermediate, 2nd Figure international tallLisa Cutter and her gorgeous daughter Brooke, 2nd Physique.Sarah Woodforth, Susie Calcino and Michaela Muller.Kylie Tredrea and her gorgeous neice ShellSarah and Jason Woodforth.....the dynamic duo!
INBA QLD Titles , BRISBANE, September 2011
Fiona Kelly, 1st Figure Masters 50 +
Lisa Cutter, 2nd Physique
Annette Newland-Nell, 2nd Figure international ,3rd Figure intermed
Kylie Tredrea,4th Figure open class 2
Liz Cubis, Figure novice short
Assunta Christie and Tina Hine , Figure novice Tall
Jennie Pass , Figure masters 40+
Lisa Cutter, 2nd Physique...on her first attempt in a new category.Fiona Kelly, 1st Figure Masters 50 +, in her first ever competitition.

Annette Newland Nell, 3rd Figure intermediate, 2nd Figure international

WOW...Sarah Woodforth...Winner of Figure Intermediate, INBA Brisbane titles, May 2011.
Photograph by Dallas Olsen... recommended  professional photographer by Sculpt-her girls.
INBA Brisbane Titles , May 2011
1st Sarah Woodforth, Figure Intermediate
3rd Lisa Cutter, Figure Masters
3rd Michaela Muller, Figure Open Tall
4th Renee Lee , Figure Novice short
Liz Cubis, Figure international
Annette Newland-Nell, Figure Novice tall
Cassie Denham , Sportsmodel
Michaela Muller and Odette (proud coach)
The Gorgeous Cassie
Sarah Woodforth and proud coach
Lisa Cutter and proud coach again
Sculpt-her girls with attitude...Renee Lee, Liz Cubis and Annette Newland-Nell.

Posing workshop with the lovely Jo Rogers of Style on Stage.
INBA Natural Olympia 2010
Reno, Nevada 12th&13th November
Susie Calcino
Gold- Figure international
Silver- Physique Open
Bronze -Physique open O/40
Sydney 23rd October
Terri-Anne Grey 1st Figure Novice
IFBB Queensland titles 2010 Caloundra 17th October
Terri-Anne Grey   1st Figure Novice
Leanne Avery 4th Figure Novice
Terri Anne Grey
Sculpt-her team just keeps getting Stronger!
Ladies sculpt bodies for title -  read the story in the Sunshine coast daily
INBA AUSTRALIAN Titles 2010  Melbourne 9th October
Michelle Fuller  1st Figure Open class 2
Terri-Anne Grey  1st Figure Novice
Suzie Calcino 2nd Figure Novice
Terri anne Grey (middle) Suzie Calcino (right)
INBA QUEENSLAND Titles 2010 -19th Sept
Terri-Anne Grey  1st Figure International, 1st Figure Novice
Leanne Avery 4th Figure Novice
Rob Fulton Mens novice
Kate Buckpitt  Sportsmodel
Odette Lydford (coach) and Terri-anne Grey
Leanne Avery and Rob Fulton
Sculpt-Her team score 8 trophies between 4 girls over 2 weekends!
INBA Brisbane Natural Physique Titles 2010 22nd May
Michelle Fuller  1st Figure International, 1st Figure Open short, 1st Figure Overall
Kylie Tredrea 2nd Figure Intermediate
Suzie Calcino 3rd Figure Novice
ANB Asia Pacific International 2010 29th May
Michelle Fuller  3rd Figure Open
Kylie Tredrea 3rd Figure Novice
Michaela Muller 4th Figure Masters
Congratulations to all the girls on their amazing efforts. They all looked absolutely stunning and all their hard work and commitment to their sport paid off.

One very proud trainer!!!!! Odette Lydford 
COMING SOON-Look out for profiles on Sculpt-Her team members 
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